This post is mainly here to help strangers understand what Blake's of Braselton is...

Blake's of Braselton is located in Braselton Old Town. Braselton 'Old Town' offers many places to park, stroll around and visit, including Antique Stores, Bakery, Garden Nursery, Cafes, Restaurants, Parks, Art Gallery, and much more.

Located in the heart of Braselton's Old Town Neighborhood, Blake's of Braselton is your Neighborhood Bar serving exclusive fine wines and rare spirits as well as a wide selection of shareable meat and cheese plates.

Though the bar sometimes offers Great Music and Live Entertainment for special events, "Phase 1" does not offer this on a regular basis. Phase 2 will expand Blake's considerably, including delicious  hot food, multiple bars and more regular entertainment.

Blake's currently offers a place to enjoy "Drinks that make you happy, with friends that make you laugh". Comfortable lounge seating, a conversational atmosphere and a unique bar menu make Blake's a wonderful place to visit, stay and perhaps become a member (with weekly and monthly benefits).

So please take a look around our website to see why Blake's Bar, about 50 miles North of Midtown Atlanta, is your must-visit location for a relaxing drink and dining while visiting Braselton.